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I missed it too! I am REALLY curious! PLEASE TELL ME!
anyway, heres my list:

2 Heat mats -small and medium

18" UV reptisun 5.0 bulb

GOB F.U. E.P. and the new Punk-O-Rama

160 W Clamp Lamp

3 bricks of compressed coconut substrate

1-2 Studded Punk Bracelets

two 10 gallon tanks

2 screen lids for 10 gallons, and one screen lid for a 27 gallon.

2 low 15 gal tanks without stands, or one with stand

Rancid "And out come the Wolves" or other Rancid t-shirt- L, black or green

Some shelves to put all my bugs/reptiles

Rancid album #5

There it is
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