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Acckkk, I'm a BOID!!

Got my new star today and now I guess I am illegal in my city! Hope I don't get confiscated.

To update the situation, one of the officers of the herp society scheduled some time at next City Council meeting to discuss this law yesterday, and today he was inspected by Animal Control. He keeps Savannah monitors, blue-tongued skinks and assorted frog species, so he was safe. Others may not be so lucky. I know for a fact that several members keep boids, and of course now we have to worry if we keep corns, kings, etc.

I've emailed a few local politicians, the newspaper and 3 TV stations to see if any of that will help. The herp society also has a call in to the Bar Association to see if any young lawyer is willing to do some pro bono work to establish a reputation. I'll let you folks know any news, either good or bad.

I'm afraid it's an uphill battle, though. Around 600 boids are sold in my county each year, and roughly 400 a year end up in rescues. This was probably not the reason the city passed its law, but is the primary one cited whenever we try to challenge it. Herpers around these parts have to work a lot harder to educate the newbies, I guess.
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