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For anyone seeking info on CITES please read.

This is a email that the head of fish and wildlife sent to me, i just simply cut and pasted what he stated for anyone who is wondering the ACTUAL legal issues are with CITES appendix 1 laws are...

The CITES listing is only of concern if you wish, at some point, to transport the boas across and international boundary. You would require a CITES export permit. Proper paperwork would be required before such a permit was issued.

If your not planning on moving the snakes to another country you will not have any CITES concerns.

By the way some boas are appendix I, but others are appendix II. App. I specimens require both import and export permits whereas App. II specimens require just the CITES export permit.

Concerning any other permit requirements. Some municipalities have exotic pet bylaws. MNR's primary wildlife legislation is the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and related regulations. At this point it has no permit requirements associated with Boas.

John B

Well there it is everyone... ALL cites appendix I aniomals are 100% LEGAL, you only need papers to ship internationally... is offline  
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