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My license permits me to "temporarily" house any herp in need of ongoing medical care, and then offer them for adoption outside of the jurisdiction. I am not permitted to keep or sell restricted animals.

Still, I don't accept large boids (or species native to PA, which is our only statewide restriction) because other folks with permits have had them revoked for keeping boids for too long. If animal control feels the animal no longer needs meds, transdermal or intracoelemic hydration (injecting sterile saline under the skin or into the cloaca), or quarantine the animal might be confiscated. Most of the time confiscated animals are euthanized.

Under the current laws I'm afraid that my own pet, a hatchling snow corn, might be taken.

Herpers have been petitioning against the old form of the law since the 1970s and have often been raided as a reward. Appeals to the circuit court have gone in favor of the city. I'm basically afraid to add my name to anything because of all that has happened. I'm hoping the local herp society will be successful in their attempts to get herpetologists from local zoos to help us point out that even the largest constricting snake can be safely housed and that risks to the public at large are almost non-existant. They are willing to submit to a "by permit only" statute so that folks need to prove their handling skills in order to keep large boids, which seems a reasonable compromise to me.

I've often thought there should be a competency exam before people become parents, and would be willing to accept a similar exam to keep my herp kids.
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