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Question Ivermeco????? or Ibermeco??

I have found a stupid mite in one of my enclosures .. pretty pist off about it ..

I have talked to many ppl and have decided to go with ibermeco or ivermeco .. dunno excacly what the nam,e is .. its someking of deworrmer for cows ..

From what I heard, its very effecient and and extremelly easy to use ..

Heres what I know about it .. IF this is true or false let me know .. I want to know for shure before i use it..

Use 1cc dissolved in 250 ml ... (keep in dark or it willl loose its effecientcy) .. Put in a spray bottle and spray the enclosure AND THE SNAKE .. supposebly it does not harm them at all - even if ingested.. In other words I can keep the substrate in and all .. How often and hoew many repitition .. this kinda worries me .. It does not seem all that safe .. what are your oppinons on it?

It is supppose to kill the mites when they eat it ..

Anyway iny info about it would be greatly apreciated.. thanks in advance

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