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Talking WOOOOOHOOOoooooo!!!!!

I am SO excted!!! I got home from Christmas shopping about a 1/2 hour ago and had got the BEST CHIRSTMAS PRESENT EVER!. My Prehensile Tailed skink enclosure is right there when you come in the door..I always peek in to see what they are up to when I get home.... AND OH MY GOD THERE IS A BABY!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Kurt isnt even home to be excited with me!! I HAD to tell someone so I phoned Penny and Jason H and squealed in Pennys ear...LOL!!
I bought the trio about a year and a half ago. One of the females was getting fat but I refused to get my hopes up that she was pregnant. She is always the first one to the food bowl so I figured she was just a But NOPE
For those that dont know too much about PTS's , all importing them stoped last year and they were just recently put on the endangered species list! They are a very interesting species and there are not alot of producing groups in captivity. I do feel very fortunate to have them...and now that they are producing young I feel great!
Oh ya...just in case anyone is wondering...this little he/she will not be for sale. PTS's are VERY protective of thier young and live in family groups in the wild so I want to keep this one with them.

I love my digital camera!!....heres some pics...

and here is the top half of thier enclosure....
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