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Stupid $%^@ing laws!!!!!

The zoning laws in my city ( in PA not too far from Philadelphia) have forbidden sales of "pythons" for years but everyone who has any experience herping knows that any boid is off limits and will be confiscated. Amazon Tree Boas have been taken, for example.

Now, in order to clear things up, the law was recently rewritten as "constricting snakes". When a local herper complained that several harmless and popular colubrids are constrictors and that this wording did not reflect the intent of the law, government officials told him that the law would stand as written and he'd better get rid of those snakes or risk losing them!

The law is still confusing, it only forbids sales, not keeping. Yet keepers have lost their snakes under the old python wording. I'm wondering how far they will go in enforcing the new law? I run a rescue and don't want to risk losing my permit but do I really have to avoid corns and kings now too? I have a 19 inch snow corn and she isn't going without a fight!

Petshops in neighboring cities sell large boids such as burms and carpets yet the county also has laws against snakes (over 4 feet in their case) and many of these animals end up being confiscated after they start nearing a mature size. Mom and pop type stores have had their stock taken, but chain stores never seem to be bothered.

Meanwhile, 6 miles from me some idiot has released 4 (well, 4 that have been seen, anyway, who knows how many really?) alligators into the woods and animal control is trying to hire folks to capture and euthanize them. Why must they be destroyed, when they could be sold out of the jurisdiction and actually make the township some money?

I HATE this bias against herps!
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