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Amazing News

Well I just went down to check on my BP's (as I just put them together earlier)and guess what, they were to macin right in front of me. This is my first season breeding so this was just amazing, WOWOWOWOWOW, I feel like I could run a marathon RIGHT NOW. I snapped a couple pics with my little camera, so I should have pics up in a day or two, I'll try and get ahold of a friend with a digi so she can take some better pics for me. Lets just hope it all works out well.

I'd just like to say thanks to all those that have helped me get this far.

I will also be breeding cornsnakes this season as well, lets just hope they go as well as the BP's.

man what to do, what to do.
I will also have a NEW website coming soon (no more geocities crap) as I have just started getting that ready.

-Ryan Noordhoff
(CornBall Reptiles)
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