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Rosy Boas!!! These guys are terrific little snakes, they usually max out around ~3. One of my adults is oly 21" They come in a variety of colour and pattern variations from blue base colour with orange zig zags to black and white striped and everything in between They are super easy to care for (they can be a bit difficult to get started as babies, but once they are eating they are fine), most can live in a 10 gallon their entire life, they are very docile - some of the best natured snakes around, only bite if they mistook you for food, very slow moving, mostly just sit in your hand, great for display as they love to climb on things, and very tolerant of handling. Ok there's my usual rant

Adult Female (Mexican)
<img src="">

Adult Male (Mexican)
<img src="">

Some other good choices are, but not limited to, sand boas, rubber boas, childrens pythons, spotted pythons, and house snakes. Hope this helped
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