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I was worrying about the vet situation....I wanted to take him in but he was so stressed even by the initial car ride home that I am wary about it...I am going to wait until he puts on a bit more weight, but I will definitely get the blood work done. (So much for quitting my job to concentrate on school next semester -_-)

Eep, I didn't think about his kidney functions possibly being compromised....that's pretty scary.

I picked up a dozen silkies today, and if he eats those I'll get more this evening when I go to get rodents. Unfortuantely I also got a container of waxies today, but I'll just give him a few and bring the rest in to work tomorrow...

Judging by the fact that he gets pretty active when he is taken out of the tank I think I'll spring for the larger one. I may have to wait a few weeks, but I think it'll be a good thing...

Here's another random question for you....Why was it that when I got him he was so pale in color that he could have passed for a Snow dragon? I have never heard of a health problem causing these guys to lose their color, but apparently that's what's happened to him...He's darkened up a good deal.
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