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IMPO= In my personal opinion
G2G= Got to go
TTFN= Ta ta for now
LYLASBAHOALM= Love ya like a sister, but a heck of a lot more!
( no one uses that here, but i love it!)
LYLAS= Love ya like a sister
LOL=laff out loud, or rarely, Lots of love
LMAO= Laff my a$$ off
LMFAO= Laff my #$%&ing a$$ off
ROTFLMAO= Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off
IMO=In my Opinion
IMHO=In My Humble Opinion
IIRC= If I Remember Correctly
WC=Wild Caught
ASL= Age, sex location
dor - dead on road
ford - found on road dead
ford - fubared on race day
fubar - #&*$ed up beyond repair
snafu - situation normal, all *$&@ed up
nfg - no #*%@ing good
ks - kingsnake
vb - viperboa
np - no problem
lwmcomn - laughing with milk coming out my nose
HMV = His Masters Voice
ltc = long term captive
cb = captive born (but not necessarily captive bred)
cbb = captive bred and born
brb = brazilian rainbow boa
bp = ball python
ijcp = irian Jaya carpet python
jcp = jungle carpet python
etb = emerald tree boa
gtp = green tree python
atb = amazon tree boa
pb = peanut butter
pb and j = peanut butter and jam
kd = kraft dinner
doa = dead on arrival
wwf = world wildlife foundation
ec = either: elvis costello or eric clapton
wfi = water for injection
UTH=Under Tank Heater
CHE=ceramic heat emmitter
BP=Ball Python
ttys=talk to you soon
ty=thank you
yw=you're welcome
tc=take care
gg=gotta go
bbs=be back soon
afk = away from computer
bbl = be back later
sfe= stupid feeding error
jw= just wondering

Ahh, I love copy and paste! LOL! Here is a whole list for ya thanx to everyone! lol!

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