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Thanks for the advice eyespy. I had been giving him a pinkie every two weeks, but several people have advised me against it, so I'm going to stop.

I will definitely flavor up his water! I have been wondering how to get him to drink more since he soaks a LOT but doesn't seem to drink much.

The biggest problem right now is that he can't catch most of the bugs I give him and he won't take anything out of my hand. I will have an opportunity to pick up some silkworms tomorrow night, so I'll give those a try as well. Do you recommend against waxies?

I'll also pick up the greens you recommended. I've been giving him freshly rinsed greens every day to get him to take in water with those. He's been okay with eating his salad until today. After I took him out into the sun he PIGGED OUT! Needless to say he will definitely be getting more sun.

Since he reacted so much to the sunlight does that mean I should improve my indoor lighting for him? He's got a UVB light and a basking light, but now I'm worried that it might not be warm enough or something. Perhaps he just enjoyed the activity.

One more thing: I was told originally when I brought him home that it would probably be best to keep him in a smaller tank until he recovered some. At what point should I move him into the 4'x2'x2' tank that I'll be getting? Or should I get the tank ASAP and put him in? I got mixed messages on this....
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