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Animal Planet does get a little "extreme" for me when presenting herps, but I feel that the good often outweighs the hype as they do a lovely job of showing the beautiful, fascinating side of herps. It's also good to let folks know that herps must be handled with respect. They are very strong and quick and many people cannot predict when a strike will happen. Not everyone is as tolerant of getting tagged as crazy herpers like me.

There are always going to be people that think a tiny little garter snake is a devil straight out of hell and those are the folks most convinced by the hype, IMHO. Kids eat those shows up and gain some respect for the animals. Most of the kids I know have less fear of my herps after seeing one of those shows than they did before, plus they've gained some knowledge about different species.

I just wish it weren't so expensive and time-consuming to film decent animal programs. There's so much repetition and a lot of similar programming on those channels.
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