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Smile Not a snake, but still a herp....rescue BD

I rescued a bearded dragon awhile back. He is old, and he was in a tank with a bunch of young spry beardies who were getting all of the food. He was declining rapidly. Here he is the night I brought him home:

He ate once, threw up, and refused to eat again. I force-fed him a few doses of a commercial reptile appetite stimulant, and didn't give him any more mealworms. He has been eating salad supplemented with a few waxworms and the occasional pinkie mouse. His appetite returned after three days with the stimulant. While I wouldn't say he eats like a beardie should, I am thrilled that he is eating something!

It's less than a month since I brought him home, but I wanted to show off the improvement I have seen in him so far. He has filled out a bit, and his color has gotten darker. While he was totally listless at first, I took him out in the sun today and saw a big change. I set him down and sat down a few feet away. He walked over and climbed up in my lap! I guess force feeding him didn't make him hate me! *happy* After a few minutes I set him on the ground again, and he spread his tummy out and puffed up his beard! His beard darkened, and he sat staring off into space for awhile. (Daydreaming about his younger days perhaps...?)

Once he was relaxed again I gave him a good soak and took his picture. The back of his head still has two concave areas where it should be pillowed out, but he looks much better overall! Here is 'Magoo' at about 11:30 this morning:

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