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Most of the enclosures are in the living room where the fireplace is... we just had to move the bloods and our adult ball python into their feeding containers {rubbermaids} to keep them warm... bad thing was we were running out of wood after a couple days of constant cold... it tore things up pretty good around here. People in Raleigh & Durham are still without power - at least a good deal of them. I lived in Michigan for over 20 years and we rarely lost power at all...especially in the winter... down here - if the wind blows - the power blinks - and we get ice down here... not snow... nasty stuff.

We have to have our roof repaired as well as our central a/c unit... {tree speared it} and on top of that the barn is just totaled. Been a great month all in all... started off with getting laid off... then ice storm... then putor burnt up a video card... then last night our clothes dryer fried it's motor... I think I'll just stay in bed tomorrow!

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