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Question Did anyone watch Animal planet on the 9th

I was watching some show...deadly predators...or something like that. Most of it was pretty interesting. Did you know that peregrine falcons can dive at speeds up to 180

Anyway...they had some wild retics that they searched out in a big They also said that the local villagers would kill big ones when they saw them because they were worried it would eat their livestock and/or children. They showed one that had been recently killed but it has just eaten a HUGE meal. It could easily have been a human. They cut the snake open. It was a wild pig of some sorts but it was HUGE...easily 10 times the girth of the snake's body. They said its weight was about equal to the snake's weight.

I wish I had a picture of that to show people that are worried about moving their baby snakes up to the next size of again, maybe the snake died because of eating such a big meal...prevented it from escaping the villagers anyway.
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