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If you suspect your snake has crypto, i would highly recommend having it put down.. I know it sounds harsh but its untreatable, can contaminate your other animals, etc.

Have a vet check it out, if its positive you have the big decision to make. Personally i wouldn't let my snake deal with it, nor would i risk other animals and the ultimate spread of crypto.

good luck on your decision, and i hope the results are negative. Good luck

a little info on crypto.
Crypto is almost immune to sanitization. you cant bleach it, it has a shell that acts as armor (sounds pretty alien doesnt it?) it lives in the intestines causing severe runny diareah that ultimately dehydrates the animal to death. In reptiles its far worse since they store fats and liquids for reserve, once these are gone the animal is pretty well a lost cause. Also, iam not an expert on it, ive just done some research. from what ive read crypto can be contracted by humans and other pets. And is 100% incurable for now. is offline