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Wild caught BPs

Ok, I just want to share, I found this really cool petstore not too far from my work. The reason I say cool is cuz they actually have more than 1 cage of mice and rats. The stores by my house never have pinkys then I end up driving all over the freaking place to find them.....but I digress.

So I noticed that they had 2 BP selling for $30 each! My mind started racing about what my roommate would say if she came back from out of town only to discover that I had bought a 2nd snake (she was very against my little Dozer). Well, I think that the price was ridiculously cheap, so I inquired about them, and found out that they were wild caught. The petsore worker could not tell me how old they were, or anything else about them for that matter, just that they were wild caught. I don't know about you guys, but that made me sad. Those snakes did not look happy, but they were really pretty......
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