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Lots of variation in ours even among those of the same species. Our common boas vary from one who is totally easy going and very curious, to one who is reserved, doesn't move much when she is held and prefers one person to one who is very clingy - never wants to be without a firm grip on things. They are the most placid of our snakes, they don't seem to resist anything.

Our corns are easy going, tolerant, take everything in stride. The snows are the most tolerant, then the amels, the creamsicles the most intense, blizzard is the most cautious, the butter thinks everything is food. The ratsnake is much more curious and seems to actually be more intelligent - watches more and seems to be processing information - maybe just his habit of cocking his head. All like to be held, more active than the boas.

The various milks and kings we have are very active (hyper idiots) as babies but settle down as they mature. Our old kingsnake will play dead if you coil him up and lay him on his back. Our mature hondurans are just like a garden hose, they put up with anything - but as youngsters they were always looking for an escape route, getting themselves wedged into any corner of the cage and generally getting into all sorts of trouble. Our Mexican black is one of our most reliable for not biting, but I have heard that they can be a problem. The pueblans and mexican milk as well as the variable kings seem to tolerate handling but would really rather be left alone.

Our Jungle carpets are most nervous, cautious about being observed and handled, but not aggressive, the Irians are active and not as cautious, don't know that they like to be handled but they tolerate it better than the jungles. We have a jungle coastal cross who is a real show-off - always cruising and much more confident than the jungles we have.

While a few of ours (jungles and milks) were nippy as little babies, none are aggressive now - they just appreciate a bit of warning before they are picked up, a sense of security when they are being handled and not being restrained excessively.

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