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Sorry to hear about your friends situation.

One thing that popped in my head while reading this was the idea of contacting a few local organizations/stores that actually do presentations for kids using reptiles.

I know we have a few around here in toronto, and depending on the individual in charge, they may be interested in helping out publically, whether in the media or in court.
If not publically, im sure they would be glad to submit a written statement along with pictures, etc...
I would also prepare myself to deal with any ignorant accusations regarding kids and reptiles and have proof to back things up.
Educate yourself on the facts of salmonella, snake escapes, and victims of snake/reptile related accidents.

I would seriously consider, starting now, to find someone in your local area or surrounding of great authority or experience in the hobby to help you if things go to the courtroom.
Its always nice to be more prepared then neccessary, or there will always be that feeling of things you possibly could have done, but now its too late kind of thing.
Goodluck to you!
Grant van Gameren
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