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I agree with you totally Scotty, but having a disease forum is a sticky and controvertial topic. I am a vet technician by trade, but still am not up to snuff on all species and diseases associated with herps. Per say so and so came onto the forum, had a problem with an animal per say, and I gave medical suggestions and medications that could be used as treatment, and this said animal in turn dies, even if the treatment was not the reason for death, I in turn am liable for misdiagnosing. Though the person would take it upon him/herself to seek sight unseen unprofessional help via internet, rather than taking the said animal to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment, this still leaves the responders in a heap of *****.
This is just my own thoughts, but I personally think this would be a bad idea.
I think a good vet listing for each and every province/State woould be a good idea. Maybe an emergency contact forum would be better?
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