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Darwin's theory was NOT a theory that suggested that those with the most offspring survive. Not even close. His underlying theory (and the theory that unified Biology as the 4th hardcore science) was that nature selected individuals to survive and reproduce that were BEST ADAPTED to a particular environment/habitat/set of life conditions.

Please don't butcher the classics.

Cranwill, that buddy of yours is totally on to something. Think about it. Many smart people have.

Sick, weak, handicapped, and dumb people get to breed all the time. Normal animals would have been selected out, but not us. Our genetic makeup has the extreme possibility of getting reeeeaaal weak over a relatively short number of generations. We won't see it (evolution cannot happen within a lifetime of the individual, only the population can evolve), but it will happen. But then again, its better then genocide, because also being inherently wrong, who would get to decide?

On the flipside, and not totally unrelated, think about antibiotics and other drugs that we use to kill the nasties that try to harm us. What are the nasties doing? They are being selected at an accelerated rate. Fast! And what does that mean? A resistant super bug. So not only are we getting weaker, the bugs are getting stronger! Wonder if the "smarties" have a graph as to exactly when science is gonna fail and bugs win.

Ok, enough depressing talk. Its almost X-mas!! Yayyy!!!
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