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Bizarre Animal Rescues

+--------------------- Bizarre Animal ----------------------+

Priscilla the pig of Houston, Texas rescued an 11-year-old
boy from drowning. Priscilla spotted Anthony Melton swim-
ming in Lake Somerville and noticed he was having trouble.
She swam out to him, used her snout to keep his head above
water until he could hold on to her collar, and then dragged
him to shore.

Carletta the cow saved her owner, Bruno Cipriano of Tuscany
in when she charged at a boar that was about to attack him
and butted it with her horns.

Bracken the Collie saved his owner, Ian Elliot, when he was
chopping down trees on his Canadian farm and a pine tree
crashed on to him breaking his back. Bracken lay across him
to maintain his body temperature. When Bracken heard voices
in the distance, he ran to the men and led them back to his
injured master.

A school of dolphins saved Adam Maguire when he was surfing
near Sydney and was attacked by a shark. As the shark moved
in for the kill it was distracted by a school of dolphins
thrashing around in the water. To prevent the shark reaching
Maguire, then dolphins then swam around him in circles until
his friends had managed to rescue him.
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