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yes its quite sad that they abandon pets.and they seemed well taken care of for the most part. despite the turning loose in the frigid northeast. they were well fed and had no signs of any problems mites or anything else.

haha we've had phases from a punk/hardcore mix to a metal sound to almost an indie type stuff. right now we have stuck with this style we have. its a mix of all of that . less metal. i like it. we need another guitarist as i can't do both parts at shows. i was singin for a bit and realized i can neither sing nor scream. i had a new converge-esqu style voice for a bit whe i did screaming parts if tht mens anything to anyone here. but it was terrible ha and i didn't want to sound like anyone else so we found a kid named dave who can do it all. i went on with this didn't I. well yeah. haha
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