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Todd Saves the Day

So I saved the day today sort of. I'm Todd also in case no one knew I'm still relatively new. But anyway, as of now I live in apartment complex with my parents. I'm still 17. Well over this past summer and spring i worked at this place doing the grounds work and what not . well over the summer this one guy was always partying and never paying his rent. they finally evicted him this week. and don't you know the ******* before he left let his 6 foot burmese and i don't remember the size but it was an adult rather large calidornia king. for the burmese a woman called the office and says " theres a snake on my tv" and of course the office says welll.....are you watching animal planet? and she says noo its sitting on the top of my TV. and the california king ends up in another guys apartment in his bed. te guy almost killed it but lost it and called the office as well. well as I'm coming home from a party at my aunts house I see Al, my old boss and super of this place, coming out with his garbage poker. so i ask what the hell he is doing and he says catching snakes. so not wanting to see any snakes get hurt i went with him. I'm thinking small garder or something. so i brought my makeshift snake bag and boy was i surprised to see a 6 foot burmese waiting for me now in her kitchen. but he/she was very docile and easy to handle and i got him/her home and into our china cabinet haha that after some convincing got my mother to let me empty out. then we went to the guys house and after some chasing and figuring got the king. boy was he pissed and snapped at me but he didn't nail me. i have him in my vacant 20 long as of now. I made a few calls and my drummer is willing to take the king as he has been wanting to purchase asnake now for abit. I'm going to help him set up everything tomorrow. and i got a hold of a guy about an hour away who is willing to take care of the burmese. bt al in all nothing as hurt and i feel generally good about myself. I even kept my old bossfrom repoting to the police to avoid any Hyde Park herp paranoia thats all. bye bye you must excuse any spellng errors.

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