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Lessee, we have lots of babies of various types.. You can see them all here: Our Photo Gallery

1.1 BCI
1.1 BRB
0.1 Amazon Basin ETB

0.1 Lab/Pit bull mix - 9mos old
0.1 Siberian Husky - 4mos old

Metal: (we're into drag racing)
Bernadine - '99 Pewter Formula Firebird (best ET 13.56 @104 on regular street tires)
Grendel - '99 Black Trans Am (best ET 12.49 @109 on drag radials)

We used to be into paintball. I played tourney 'ball for about 3 yrs, and just recreational for about 5yr. After hurting my back had to stop playing though Just sold my LCD Angel and AngelAir and other goodies a couple weeks ago

Oh well, as new obsessions take hold, old ones move to the wayside.
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