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No snake expert here, but I would think that a HUGE snake, sitting on a teeny tiny hot rock which is sitting on a wet spot of a towel, is a good start to the list of errors.
Aside from still using a hot rock, what kind of dimwit would think one that small would even be enough to warm a snake that size? What's he supposed to do - warm up one scale at a time?????

Sheeeesh. I'm a newbie to snakes, but I sure know better than that, doesn't take a mental giant.

And then there's the rock plugged into the outlet in the 'enclosure' if that's what it is - I can't tell for sure. Not safe, since that snake can easily dislodge the plug part way, flick it's tongue in the gap and get zapped.

Is there any way of growing brains to dish out to people who need them?
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