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Originally posted by makeajazznoise
My sincere apologies to all here at this great site. I spend a lot of time here lately, and while I almost never post feel somewhat familiar with some of the frequent poster's attitudes and such. I was sent a humorous email yesterday that I wanted to share - but should not have posted its somewhat questionable content on an open forum such as this. It has rightly been removed by the site moderators, and I appreciate that I havent been "banished" (or suspended or anything like that) from the site. Thank you moderators for that. While many may have enjoyed it - I wouldnt want my kids to see it - and I should have used better judgement. A brain cramp on my part that I promise that will never happen again. I did not get to see any replys (I got notification of them... but the thread was removed) and if they were hate mail (or positive - ie. you enjoyed the joke) feel free to PM me and blast away - I owe it to you to hear you out and will apologize individually as well.

sheepish goodbye,
In case anyone wonders... or before anyone thinks I posted something really sick or hardcore - it was nothing that you wouldnt see in a 14 or above movie, or that an independent tv station wouldnt show after 9pm. I'm not THAT evil...

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