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I only have 1 mammal, but he is the world's smartest cat, Buster. I'm disabled due to severe allergies that left me with heart and lung problems. He can tell if my heartbeat is too irregular to let me stand up without passing out and headbutts me until I sit down. If I do pass out, he bites either an earlobe or a toe to try and rouse me. If he can't wake me up, he has a special button to push to call the paramedics. He fetches my inhalers and epinephrine shot if he hears me having trouble breathing.

I have 3.1.1 budgies who make me smile. They are feathered anti-depressants and are just learning to parrot sounds, maybe I'll get another talker like my dear departed Saffron.

The herp count varies too much because of my rescues, but here is my own set of pets:

1.3.1 bearded dragons
0.0.1 green iguana
1.1.0 plains garter snakes (hets for albino and erythristic)
1.0.0 western ribbon snake
0.1.0 snow corn

Oh, and Amazon the iglet has a pet male betta fish that he couldn't keep his eyes off when I took him to the petstore. It keeps the assorted feeder fish for the garters company in the little hex tank that Amazon was stuffed inside at a horrible pet store.

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