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I was just wondering what I did wrong .. My carpets were cooled down and warmed up again .. they were then introduced ...

They mated constantly for a good month and a half and were seperated again after they seemed to be staying as far away from each other as they possibly can ..

I have never seen her ovulate and I am 95% shure she has no eggs.. Is there a possibility she could ovulate late? Or is this simply a game of chance .. sometimes it works or sometimes it doesn't????

I also have the same issues with my burms .. they were not cooled dow though (did not have the time although from what I read it is not nessecery for burms) .. simply introduced and they bred constantly for two month until she decided she had enough of him and I took him out of the enclosure.. again .. I never saw ovulation .. (Also how do u check for eggs on a burm .. I mean its not excacly obvious)

This realy sucks cause it seems like everything worked except the end product ..

thanx in advance for the advice
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