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yea the lists on this page are VERY impressive. I currently just moved out of my parents house (well like 7 months ago) and am in the process of setting up my first ball python home. I plan on having everything set up by the weekend and THEN finally I get my snake.

other than a life long obsession with snakes (my mom HATES them so I had to patiently wait 21 years until I was in a poition where I had my own place and enough cash to properly support my love) I downhill mtn. bike and currently am working on a project acura integra. oh also i love coding java and i adore greyhounds and hairless guinea pigs (I bet my snake would love those little guineas too hehe *gulp*

id love to eventually have a snow red-tail boa and a piebald python. then again wouldnt we all....hehe.

p.s. - id also love to be able to say i had the cash for a snow/piebald.
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