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I's not the best angle for a positive ID, but it could be a female Extatosoma tiaratum. If the tail is normally held curled up, similar to a scorpion, it's most likely one of them. The males are so different, they don't even seem to be the same species. Males have slender bodies, wings, fly around, while females have no wings, are very stout, and just lay egg after egg until they die.
Side -by- side, they look like the typical 'henpecked small husband and overbearing large wife' type couple.

Even if it's not this species, you can get a pretty good idea (and care info) at
Bugs in Cyberspace - Phasmids

Somewhat picky eaters, but very prolific. Small ones, male in particular are great chameleon food ( sounds mean, but you'll have more than you can possibly house otherwise). The males live about 10-12 months, die shortly after mating, females live longer, some up to 18 months, laying themselves to death (or seemingly so). They are great pets, not dangerous if you aviod the female's spines. They can also scare off your nosey neighbours (trust me, it works wonderfully)
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