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Hmmm...I have 5 male bettas and the numerous snails that come and go in their tanks. I also had an African Dwarf Frog, but he died. I wanna get more, those things are hilarious!!! I have a rosehair tarantula and 2 mice (one is the size of a large little fatty!!!). I've had tokay geckoes, a cali King snake and a rough green snake, oh and an Emperor Scorp. My list of wants is longer though! We are planning on getting a hedgehog hopefully and a bulldog eventually. I'd like some leos as well as chinchillas, but my bf says I'd rub the chins to death!!! (I like to rub velvety dirty jokes guys, I'm very tactile-oriented). I'm not that into Guinea Pigs but I want some cause of the noises they make!!! And bunnies, and cats...I want everything!

Besides pets, I basically throw myself into every other interest I have, especially crafts. I love making stuff. And you should see all the forums I belong to!!!
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