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Hehehe... well can't really list any of my other obsessions or hobbies, but I do have one that is in my past, and I do keep a variety of other animals. I currently keep:

6.8 spiny mice
1.2 dogs
1.0 cat
0.1 horse
1.0 pet rat

1.0 horned frog
0.1 ancient iguana
0.3 leos
1.0 ETB
0.1 Hog Isle Boa
1.1 BRB's
1.1 BP's
1.1 Jamaican Boas
1.1 Borneo Short-tailed Pythons
1.0 Guyanese Redtailed Boa
1.1 Rosy Boas (mexi)

Feeder worms
50-150 feeder rodents at any time

In the past I have also raised and released 100's of starlings, kept a pigeon and some various other recued birds such as finches; in the past I've also kept rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, degus, various amphibians and reptiles, variety of fish, a variety of invertabrates, and who knows what else is slipping my mind

I used to deal in horses (high end), mostly showjumpers, and a little bit in the hunters as well; showed, trained, sales, etc. After my car accident I couldn't ride for a year and then I made the decision a while ago to get out of it completley... it was sad decision but I wasn't giving my kids the attention they deserved, and I knew they would be happier elsewhere So all but one have been sold. I attached an very old pic of me and one of my special guys.
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