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Question We all know....

We all know that all of us are fellow herp keepers but does anybody else have another love, fetish or interest?? What other types of animals do us strange ones keep?
Personally I own a cockatoo, cockatiel, oscar and pondfish,3 dogs and a pluthera of rats!
So what is everyone elses list??
1.1 Ball pythons
1.1 Everglades rats
1.1 Columbian boas
0.1 Honduran Milks
0.0.1 Western Hognose
2.2 African House snakes
0.0.1 Red sided garter
0.1 Red eared slider
1.0 Veiled Chamelion
1.1 California Banana kings
0.1 Burmese pyhton
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