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Originally posted by Alicewave
Hehe, does being bit by a Rosy count?
They aren't known for being nippy little guys, but boy, when they do they can pack quite a bite for their size! I routinely get tagged by one of mine that will only eat in a wee little cell phone box (SFE - I put my warm, stinking-like-mouse hand in when there is a mouse inside, box only being the size of my ) and it tickles more than getting hit by a 3 or 4 foot boa They have very large teeth considering their size! I'd say it counts!

I've been bitten more times than I care to try and Nothing ever serious though, hope to keep it that way. Almost took a feeding hit (not an SFE) from a 14 footer a week ago though That would've busted my wee little arm for sure
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