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The evolution of cb snake. Wants your opinions

I was thinking about it and would like your opinion on this. Sorry, I post this question on kingsnake too but I'ld like to hear what everyone think...

Does cb python evolute to adapt to their new condition? Well, maybe not "evolute" but, more like adaptation... Bad english, sorry, let me explain.

A while ago, people where telling to keep blood python at 80% and up humidity and that they would catch RI if kept at anything lower then that. Now that there more cb availlable, their care has change. Now people say that 60-65 is fine for them. I think the same thing happen with gtp, right?

Is that because the first thought on this was wrong or that cb python are addapting themself to their new captive habitat? I look at my wlp and wander if, in a few years, we'll discover they live well at 60% insted of the 80%.

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