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Wild animals and dorm rooms...

Snakes are still very much wild animals; put a snake back in the wild and I promise you, it will have no trouble reverting to wild behaviour. Lizards have rudimentary social organization and may lose a touch of instinct in captivity, but I seriously doubt they'd have much trouble going it on their own if push came to shove.
As for the eviction - please remember that that law about non-eviction due to pets doesn't apply in all provinces; I've spoken to Landlord/Tenant services in AB, and you can indeed be evicted for pets if they break the terms of your rental agreement.
Dorm rooms almost never allow animals. They almost never allow <i>fish</i>. I've checked out quite a few in AB and a few across Canada - I haven't seen one yet that would allow animals, which is a shame, because snakes [say, under 6'?] are a good dorm pet - no smell, no noise, and a well-kept vivarium is a really beautiful addition to a room.
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