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Talking Nope, I didnt die!

Well after months of an absence due to my exjob and school, i am teh back! Sorry for not finding the time for the forums but now i've learned to regulate my time better. So I'm back and better than ever! Oh and Shane, my obsession with Big Sugar is starting to reach unhealthy porportions

Just a small update on my current herp collection:
- my leopard geckos contracted a weird disease and died on me. They stopped eating and one started growing tumors around it's head. Very weird
- my king snake vamoosed on me and I have been unsuccessful in finding him
- my newest edition includes a wonderful ball python named Reggie who's been the greatest (and a great eater!)
- my second edition was a rat snake i found in the wild and has been an excellent eater but really enjoys snacking on my hands
- finally i now have a gorgeous sandfire bearded dragon who's been alot of fun for everyone! I also named him RAWG (my favorite band, GWAR, backwards )

So there ya are!
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