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Need HELP!

I've posed this everywhere but here goes again....
I had treated my BCI for mites a little bit over a month ago.
I first began with soaking in a water/mineral oil solution ....which i had been told by many of ppl that this would kill the mites on her etc...and have used this technique before with success...(which i will not use again)
I also, Provent- a - mited her enclosure and let it air out for a day. She shed(a very bad shed) 2 weeks ago or so which i helped her with .
The last time she ate was before the first shed....
So i look on her today and shes shedding again and she is also leaking fluid from her mouth!
It is very clear like water but is a bit of a thicker discharge. She also has a slight bump/sac underneath her chin which i believe is because of the saliva build up....
Shes not weasing, or showing any signs of RI etc....just a very weird drooling.
I have her soaking at the moment to rid the dry shed....
Any advice?
What exactly is this discharge and why is it happening?
and what can i do?
She's acting normal, and her scales underneath the shed look perfect!
All the missing scales( due to the oil treatment) from after the first shed are gone....
Grant van Gameren
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