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Smile Finally!!! Toronto Reptile Expo Pics!!!!

Hello promised here are the pics from the Toronto Reptile Expo. Special thanks to Jeff for having the cord to the camera couriered to me by the slowest way possible...i think he used a courier pigeon! Anyway i ended up taking 162 photos at the you can imagine why it took me four hours to go through them all, edit and add captions and pick the best ones.

I should add that ive decided to include a little free advertisement here for some of the different companies that come to the show....a little bit of a pay back for letting me take you will see quite a few pics of business cards and signs etc.

The show was absolutely incredible...even though we had roughly one foot of snow dumped on us over night. Driving conditions were hellish, what would normally have taken Jeff and I about half and hour to get to...took us three hours. And we had member come from as far as Montreal in the bad weather...i really have to give them credit. Well enough of the is what the show was like from start to kick back and enjoy!

Here is the first pic of the day...this is me surprising Jeff at 4:45a.m. to start getting ready for the show

This next one is the outside of the building where the show takes place in Port Credit Ontario....Notice how much snow we got on our first snow fall!
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