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lets see if I have this right.

Check this out...I have been trying to absorb as much information as I can so here goes, (but please correct me if Im wrong).

When you decide to breed your snakes they should be about two and a half to three years of age and and you should wait untill fall, you should stop feeding in August and introduce the male in September.

The male might try to get her attention by moving around the cage to atract her, if he's lucky then he'll move on top of her and start contracing his muscles on her back.

When he's not interested you seperate them and she'll start to ovulate, you can usually notice her thicker in the body when you see this you re-introduce the male and leave them alone unill he's not interested anymore. When he is you seperate them and leave her alone and in several weeks she'll shed and that's when you know the baby's will be out soon.

now this is my interpretation what am I missing? just wanted to see if I absorbed all the material. What do you guys think?


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