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North - you make one heck of a good point ...

As for the food industry .. I've read tons of books on what they do the animals and as a result I have been a vegetarian for over 4 years now .. I may of saved a few cows and chickens although I doubt it actually made a difference ..

I am completly against owning WC animals .. and that falls right into what your were talking about but .. as for CB .. we are not depleting anything .. as a matter of fact .. we are actually making populations larger in some sense - I am shure we have discust this several times before .. but there are many many advantages to breeding in captivity ...

All my animals are CB but your right .. If i could get a WC albino ball for dirt cheap I would probably take it .. So to some extend I guess I am as bad as them.

Unfortunate to say, I think everyones moral beliefs can forgotten with the right price / offer ..
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