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Well for the most part I agree with you.. we all have our moral issues to deal with, I myself haven't been able to eat veal since I saw how they hung the poor critters from a sling so their feet wont touch the ground and toughen them up..Free range chickens? what's with that they keep them on a box and feed them and get them to lay eggs... Hmmm sounds familiar..I'm as guitly as they are because I have a livingroom full of wild animals (CB) that I keep in boxes for my own enjoyment..all of us would like to see the wild caught trade come to an end.. but would you turn down a cheap albino Ball Python because it was wild caught..I think not.. I may not agree with what they are doing with the rattle snake round-up but I understand it..and yes it is a moral issue..and very sad to see...I'm more saddened by how many snakes are killed each year in shipping from some third world nation just to appease us the general hobbyist.... I'm just a bit confused as to how many bandwagons I can stand on, the trade in fish is killing a lot of reefs, wild caught snakes, monkeys, parrots, frogs, lizards.... you name matter what it is someone somewhere wants to eat it, tame it, breed it or hang it on their wall....and try to feel guilt free but we are all contributing to that in some way just by making it a popular hobby..... Have I rambled and gone in circles enough yet......

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