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Jeff - LMAO !!!! (re: cranwill probing himself)
i thought that too as i read it

BTW just more thoughts from the show...

Mr. ********, sir, you are a nice guy. I have met a few herpers and some of them are buttholes but you, are A1 !
Linds, you are one of the sweetest people i have ever met...and your pictures do not do you justice - you are absolutely beautiful.
I also spent some time with Andrew and his family (Mr. Mice4You) and he and his family are very nice people.
Hilde, as anyone who has ever dealt with her, is a breeder who is Very Highly regarded not only for the quality of her animals but also for her valued advice and compassion towards the animals. I thank her Profusely not only for the gorgeous leo I got from her but also for the advice she has given me.
Kamac (Amy MacPherson) has once again tricked me into taking home another of her female leos by having it right there ... front and centre on her table
I always enjoy seeing the Gillards and saw 'spiderman' - heh heh
It was nice to meet Corey but next time i recommend he puts an absorbant rug in front of his display to catch the drool from all the passersby.
It was great to meet Matt , Trace, Dom, Renee, Tony, Derek and Kathy.
I apologize if i have forgotten anyone.
Sorry i missed meeting Dara and seeing Roy again.

well this post is long enough so i will end it here

Can't wait till the next show though

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