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MUAHAHA - Hilde !!!
I knew it ! Congrats and , of course , we need to see pix of your new baby

Solomon is the most beautiful gecko i have every seen...he is so bright and 'juicy'
poor boy is sulking though and won't even look at a silkworm yet
well...I'm sure he'll be pigging out soon
after stopping by the KAMAC table to say hi to Amy, i broke down and got another female. I have wanted one of the offspring of the pairing of Speck and Felice and I got one. She is such a feisty little thing that i am toying with the name Athena...but i haven't totally decided.

i didn't get any new snakes at this show...i'm having some difficulty with mine but may be getting a pail blue eyed girl from a friend soon.....
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