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hey i didn't see the post from KING, frankly i don't know if i really want to, i can only imagine what idiotic dribble it was, anyways i just wanted to say, helena, don't let whatever he said to you, get to you, not even worth it, if you do, he's getting what he was looking for. from what i know of you and kahane, which is not very much, as i only had one dealing, mind you a very good dealing with you. from what i can tell you're a very nice person and don't deserve to be insulted, this is a place where people come to share and enjoy their hobby, no one should be a target of some moronic idiot whose jealous..maybe he's a littel "different"....maybe he's after your man.... anyways kahane, you see him around, you know what to do
back to my point, you two are nice people, didn't deserve that
thank you...and good night
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