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North, that's totally different....

we breed those "cute furry little critters" to feed to our "slimey, nasty reptilian creatures". They aren't breeding the rattlers to make up for the monstrous hole they're putting in their own ecosystem. Oh, well, hopefully the hanta virus kills them all off, stupid red-necks
Wishfull thinking!

If they had rattlesnake breeding farms, like a chicken or a cow farm, in all honesty I'd have no problem with them eating rattlesnakes provided they weren't ripping them out of the wild. To me it's not a culture issue at all, it's a moral issue.

P.S. we're averageing about 2000 votes behind the killers on CNN's poll.

The guy in charge of the roundup is Ralph Coleman, the jerk that called animal lovers "bunny huggers". His personal phone number is (505) 437-7116. Yes this is his phone number, it's not a joke. Damn i'm good.
"One hour from now, another species of life form will disappear off the face of the planet, forever, and the rate is accelerating.." - excerpt from Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction

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