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Originally posted by DragnDrop
Sure missed you

A couple of times I thought I saw you walking in, but it was just that 'quick glance' similarity of someone else. You would have had a great time... could have seen my new volcano corn.
Nothing like starting a new addiction - sell some geckos and bring home a snake.
I did manage to almost win the bet with Silke. She bet I'd bring home my second snake today, but I was determined not to let her win. Almost made it too. Then I took one last look at the corns next to my table - Reptile Rainforest - and.... I lost the bet at 3:45 pm.
Isn't that just such a shame? LOL
We picked up a Snow Corn off of Reptile Rainforest.

Originally posted by DomsReptiles
Great pics Lisa! Did u get the permission to post it lol .. I got caught by surprised .. the funny thing is the other jungle I bought did bite me beiside the nose lol

great pics! You should of came and said hello at least!
We did say hello, you were kind of preocuppied with the JCP... though you did offered to let it bite us.
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