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KaHane, im answering this kinda late....i read the original post that you are refering to, and i dont blame you for being mad. I would re-act the same way. No one messes with friends and family. You two have always been great supporters of the site, and on Sunday i thought that the donation that the two of you made to Jeff for his adaptive son was fantastic!

I have to admit that when i started on this site, i was not into snakes or reptiles in general for that matter at all. Actually i was terrified of snakes...but am now slowly getting better. I have to admit that all of the dedication and hard work by people here have made me feel so at home. I consider everyone a friend and i will not stand by and let ppl attack my friends. I thank you for the great picture you let me take at the show and i will have it up in a day or two. In the meantime i am still researching for an animal that is right for me...and with the support of all here i have found it so much easier. And i have to say that meeting all of the members has been a great experience. I have been fortunate enough to view some ppl's collection, like Corey Woods and Joe & Melissa's to name a few, and this i felt was wonderful, and these ppl were very kind to me explaing things etc. So to all of the members here....lets all get along, this is a family here...the more i meet all of you...the more i strive to continue to help out making this the best site on earth....i think we are close...cheers to you all , Shane
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